The Blue Ox Icon Xtralite is for players wanting a stick with the lightest shaft and a traditional head shape.  The Xtralite features a thinner shaft than the standard Icon, so it’s best for players who are willing to trade some durability for a faster swing speed.  The Icon Xtralite is noticeably lighter than the standard Icon, with a 15% reduction in shaft weight.


HEAD: Delta – Light weight, superb ball handling and the perimeter shape experienced players are used to.  Cutting guides allow you to play full size or accurately trim the corners to your personal preference.  Available in black, blue, pink, white, green and yellow colors and all of our curves.


SHAFT: C405 Thin – 15% lighter than our standard Icon shaft. The industry’s best aluminum alloy that is custom drawn into our unique ergonomic shape and given a proprietary heat treatment.  Gold finish


LENGTHS: Available in 46″ standard length and a 52″ extra-long version


100% made in the USA




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