Head Weights

7 oz. - Delta. The best choice for most players. A custom resin blend developed by Blue Ox specifically for lightweight broomball heads that provides just the right combination of ball grip, flex, and long life. Available in straight and in three curves. Available in six colors (black, blue, white, pink, green and yellow).

8 oz. - Delta-Heavy. A good choice for very strong players or those who play outdoors with the heavy ball in low temperatures. This custom resin blend not only adds weight but is slightly softer and more flexible and retains its properties at extremely cold temperatures. Only available straight (no curves). Available in two colors (orange and medium grey).

9 oz. - Delta-Extra Heavy. For players who prefer the power and feel of a heavy head. Molded from an extra tough engineered polymer resin suitable to the most abusive players and environments. Only available straight (no curves). Available in dark grey.