Timber (hardwood shaft)

Timber (hardwood shaft)


Timber delivers a wood stick with all the same Blue Ox performance features found on our aluminum sticks, at a much lower price. The weight and flex feel like playing with a premium light-weight aluminum stick, and the shaft is contoured into the same comfortable, effective ergonomic shape used by our aluminum shafts. The Timber comes with the same high-performance Delta head as our more expensive sticks. The head is straight, and is offered in multiple colors. The Timber is 46" long.

Head: The Delta head's shape offers superb ball handling and the side angles that experienced players prefer. At 7 oz, the head is lightweight yet allows hard shots. Cutting guides allow you to play full size or easily trim the corners to your personal preference. 

Shaft: Industry-first contoured wood shaft adds control and comfort.  A carefully selected hardwood species yields flex and weight properties that are similar to the lightest aluminum shafts. The Timber shaft weighs 14 oz.

100% made in the USA

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